Why Buy Ghetto Homes in Wilmington, Delaware?

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If you have been looking at advertisements and classifieds in your local newspaper and have come across some listings of ghetto homes in Wilmington, Delaware, then it is equally likely that you are currently wondering why you should buy them or not buy them. Wilmington, Delaware is a city that is situated at the meeting of two rivers, namely the Christina River and the famous Brandywine Creek. The city can boast of a rich history in that it was colonized by settlers from Sweden back in the year of 1938. Apart from the rich heritage that the city boasts of, there are also a variety of other reasons why buying ghetto homes here would be a good idea.

1. Size:

Simply the size of the city should speak loud enough about its importance. Wilmington is the biggest city in Delaware, which makes it very important when it comes to economic policies. One example of this is that the city has pro small business finance laws, which means that if you want to set up a business here, you will find it extremely easy to find the funding for it.

2. Crime rates:

Most people would look at the crime rates of the city and deign it too dangerous. On the contrary, the city is regarded as one of the safest cities in the country by law enforcement officers. The reason why most police officers and security officers would suggest that the city is safe is that the crime rates are mainly focused around crimes which are personal crimes, which means that the assailants and the victims knew each other. In fact, the city’s police force has accreditation from the Commission for Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

3. Transportation:

The city is more than well equipped to provide you with ample transportation options. Wilmington has a well connected and highly efficient rail connection and internally it has bus services which are very exhaustive in nature. As an add-on, the city also boasts of Ride Share Delaware which is designed to bring together people looking for carpools and van pools.

4. Festivals:

The city of Wilmington boasts of a wide range of ethnic people which means that its festivals are also extremely unique. The city has festivals like the Italian festival, the Greek festival, the Polish festival and the Haneef’s African festival. Moreover, the city also has the hosting of the Big August Quarterly which is celebrated to honor the African American religious freedom, IndiaFest and the Hispanic Week. Finally, the music festivals known as the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival, the Riverfront Blues Festival and the People’s Festival are also held here.

5. Education:

There is a wide range of colleges operating in the city including the Delaware College of Art & Design, Delaware State University, Delaware Technical & Community College, Drexel University, Goldey-Beacom College, Springfield College, University of Delaware, Widener University and Wilmington University.


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